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The Magic of Braces - San Diego

Does Your Child Need Braces?
Unlock the power of a beautiful, confident smile for your child A beautiful healthy smile is an amazing part of looking and feeling your best. The great news is that orthodontic treatment has never been easier, more efficient, and more affordable.
Our advanced techniques and materials will increase your child's comfort while reducing treatment time.

The True Test

If you still are not sure that your family can benefit from orthodontic care,
just think about your answers to the following questions:

  • Does your child feel awkward or self-conscious about his or her smile?

  • When the camera shutter opens, do your child's lips close?
  • When you look at your child's smile, do you like what you see?
  • What does your child's smile say about him or her?

  • Dr. Olen and Dr. Maurer believe that successful orthodontic treatment will unlock the power of your child's smile. If you notice that you or your family have any of these concerns, please contact our office for a free consultation and find out about braces!

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    Problems with Teeth . . . .
    Crooked teeth (misaligned) can affect the way your child chews and talks.
    There may be extra spaces or no space at all between crooked teeth.
    This can make the teeth harder to clean and your child can end up with more cavities.

    Sometimes crooked teeth can affect the way the jaws line up and can even cause pain in the jaw and neck.

    Fixing Teeth . . . . . . . .
    Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth that are out of place or are growing into the wrong position.
    Crooked teeth and jaw problems can be corrected by using braces and retainers.

    Braces and retainers work by gently pressing on your child's teeth over time and moving the teeth into the right positions.

    Most braces are made up of four main parts: bands, brackets, wires, and ties:
      Braces bands
    • Bands - Flat metal rings that are placed on the molars in the back of the mouth. (Usually there are four bands: two on the top teeth and two on the bottom teeth.) Bands hold the wires in place that are threaded around the teeth.
      Braces brackets
    • Brackets - pieces of specially shaped metal or ceramic that are attached to each tooth. Brackets are the most visible part of the braces. They come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

    • Wires - thin strips of metal that thread through the brackets (see above) and, as the wire tries to return to its original shape, it applies pressure to move the teeth.
      Wires for braces
    • Ties - small rubber rings that hold the wire in place on the bracket.

    The magic of braces

    Braces no longer just look like "train tracks" running across the teeth (they way they used to).

    Today braces they come in a variety of shapes and colors such as:


    Straight teeth -- with your San Diego braces dentists -- in El Cajon

    Dr. Gary Olen and Dr. Michael Maurer
    are members of the

    American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

    Dr. Gary Olen and Dr. Michael Maurer
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